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About Us

Link Tenants, Owners, Agents with Business

Let tenants find shops, business, amenities in Singapore & Asia

Tenants Find Tenants

Helping tenants link up with other tenants to share rental costs

Free Ad Posting

Yes Free ad posting to find your roommate, rent a room, promote your business for FREE


Many different channels are provided to you right here in our RentRooms community site so that everyone can help anyone in need. You can also create groups to help each other

Post Free Ads

Let Tenants find Tenants

Tenants can post free ads and look for other tenants to share room rental costs, do a flat share or even bed share. Keep in touch in the same district or get information for other districts and good landlords and rooms FREE

Tenants find Tenants

Let tenants share monthly rental costs & share info with other tenants

Welcome to our Post a Free RentRooms ads community site. We link up tenants, landlords, agents with businesses around neighborhoods in Singapore & Asia. You can post not just Free Ads to find a roommate, rent a room, buy/sell property but also you can post your places & business in Singapore to share and showcase your shops, businesses, website, products and more as tenants, agents will be looking out for the best locations to rent and buy/sell. So Go ahead and tell everyone by posting a Free Ad right here with fantastic pictures of your places. When renting a room in a new district in Singapore, tenants can ask questions and post rooms wanted or needed in a certain area in Singapore, therefore post your business like food eateries, stores, etc to enhance a rental location and more. So have fun and posting all the Free Ads you want. To start posting your Free Ads just click on our logo below. Cheers.

Forever Free Ads

Post a free ad is here to stay!

We will always provide free to post ads so that there are no charges for tenants, owners, agents, business owners to share information or buy/sell ads. All are welcome. Free ads posters can share information like contact numbers, pictures of your room, property, business, products, etc, Youtube video to enhance your engagement with other users, share also your opening and closing business hours or your available contact hours, you can also pick which room requirements you are looking e.g. in which district in Singapore, do you need aircon, do you allow smoking, are pets allow, what type of property do you want to rent e.g. HDB flat, condo, etc. You can also tell others what amenities in which neighbourhood do you want when looking for a room and more. Do you have a spare bed which you want to rent out? Or do you want to flat share, etc. Just post a FREE RentRooms ad.

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Share your ads to millions of social networks users

Increase your visitors of your ads by sharing it to social networks! Let us do the hard work and marketing work for you

What types of information can you post here with your FREE Ads? You can post your telephone numbers, you can post your social network links. Just click on the round social network icons on the right of your screen to post to all your social networks and increase your ad's visitors view. And yes your ad will also be automatically posted and share to our social networks and to social network's millions of users out there as well, so let us do the hard work. We will help you promote and help you find a room to rent which you love/like and also we will help promote your business as well. You can also post your website address, you can post your email and Yes! You can also post your address, state your business operating hours, post your Youtube videos, pictures and also you can select features and amenities related to your business like find a roommate, rent a room, buy/sell properties, shops, etc & more. The list goes on

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Post your free ads & start promoting

Forever free ads to help you promote

Start posting your Free Ads with beautiful pictures to find roommates, rent a room & buy/sell your properties

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